Toddler Pillowcase
Toddler Pillowcase
Toddler Pillowcase
Toddler Pillowcase
Toddler Pillowcase
R 465.00

Toddler Pillowcase

With every JUNO purchase, we will be donating 2% to HERD - South Africas First Elephant Orphanage.
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No more knotty tots!

Crafted from pure 100% Mulberry silk, the soft smooth texture of silk creates less friction on baby’s hair which helps eliminate bald spots, frizz and “bird nests” from your child’s hair. Silk is also naturally hypo-allergenic and uninhabitable by dust-mites which means a peaceful night’s sleep for baby (and you!)

All JUNO baby cot bedding products are made from 100% 19-momme Mulberry silk.

Silk has many health benefits including:

  • Reduced friction; reducing bald spots, knots and frizz
  • Naturally Hydrating and Non-absorbent; doesn’t strip skin or hair of natural oils
  • Temperature regulating; helps keep baby warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Uninhabitable by dust mites (perfect for allergy/asthma sufferers)
  • Breathable and naturally hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable (Use a wool/silk - enzyme free - detergent)