2% of all JUNO sales will go to HERD


Our little loves need extra care, especially when it comes to sleep. We are dedicated to bringing you and everyone in your family the best night’s rest, which is why we are so excited to announce the launch of our exclusive silk baby bedding range, JUNO.

For a babies cot, there is no fabric quite like silk. Being naturally kinder to skin and hair, our crib sheets are breathable and help regulate your baby's body temperature. Silk also wicks away moisture to keep baby dry, unlike cotton sheets. Most importantly, the soft silky sheen of our 100% Mulberry cot sheets reduces friction on baby’s hair while they sleep meaning less bald spots, knots, and frizz. It really is magical ✨ 

#SwitchToSilk with our JUNO Baby Silk bedding range for a longer and better quality night’s sleep for baby (and you!)