Why Choose Silk Over Down?


For thousands of years silk has been prized the world over for its luxurious feel and natural durability, but it is only in the past few decades that the extraordinary properties of this wonder fabric have come to be fully understood. All the benefits outlined below culminate in the ultimate sleeping experience, nights of true relaxation that allow you to wake feeling rested and ready for the day ahead.

A Luxurious Feel
The subtle lustre of the fabric, its sensual texture, its luxurious drape – silk’s remarkable tactile properties are perhaps its most well-known benefit. The natural softness makes it the ultimate luxury fabric.

Beauty & Health
This 100% natural fibre is composed of the same amino acids that are in the human body, which may help to heal, soothe inflammation and slow the signs of aging. Likewise, silk helps to keep hair soft, moisturised and tangle-free, while its softness reduces friction that may damage your hair.

Comfort & Ease
Smooth and light, silk drapes gently over the body with less friction than alternative fabrics – making it especially soothing for people with skin irritation or mobility-limiting conditions.

Silk is a natural thermo-regulator, ensuring comfort throughout the seasons. On hot nights, it draws excess moisture away from the body for a cooler feel. On cold winter nights, silk’s large fibres and low conductivity keep warm air close to the skin.

Silk is hypoallergenic and thus ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Its protein structure repels dust mites and has natural antibacterial properties, which inhibit the growth of mould and micro-organisms.

Increased Circulation
Silk duvets are generally a fraction of the weight of a down or wool duvet of similar warmth. This decreases discomfort caused by arthritis and joint pain and allows for increased blood circulation.

Durable & Safe
Silk is one of nature’s strongest fibres, with a tensile strength comparable to steel. It’s extremely hardwearing, and with the correct care a good-quality silk product will last for many years. Silk is also non-combustible, which reduces risk of fires.