The size of product I want is not listed in the shop. Can you custom-make products?

Should you require a bespoke product, please contact us directly for a quote. Custom made products generally take 5-10 working days. Timing cannot be guaranteed.

Can I place an order without opening an account?

Yes, you can. Please note that when placing an order, you will still need to provide us with sufficient information to process and deliver the order. We will also need to retain this information to be able to follow up, inform you of progress with the order and respond to any queries that you might have.

We recommend that customers register with us – this will save you having to re-capture your billing and delivery information each time you order.

It is possible to arrange corporate gifts (to multiple recipients) through Cocoon?

Yes. For small numbers of gifts, you can place separate gift orders through the website. For larger numbers, please feel free to call or e-mail us to discuss corporate gift arrangements.

Will a tax invoice be issued if a purchase is made by a company?

If you would like the tax invoice, please provide your company name and VAT registration number in the "Order Notes" on check out.

Are the products machine washable?

The bed linen collection is machine washable, the duvets are not machine washable, but can be spot cleaned. There is a zipper on the pillow casings so that the silk fill can be removed and the casing washed. Please refer to our Cocoon Care for complete care instructions.

What is the difference between silk and satin?

Silk is a natural fibre, satin is a synthetic fibre.
Natural fibres breathe, and silk has thermoregulatory properties which help maintain a constant temperature. Synthetic fibres tend to trap heat and increase perspiration, in the body’s attempt to cool itself down.
Silk has a natural sheen but is not slippery. As it is a natural fibre, like 100% cotton, it will wrinkle. Satin, similar to polyester, does not wrinkle and has a slippery feel.